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We are open and you can call us for information, but you should expect a delay in getting your pets neutered through us. We have hundreds of appointments that need to be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 shutdown before we can make new ones. If you had an appointment through us at a local veterinary clinic or at Kalamazoo Humane Society, call that clinic and tell them that you need to reschedule the appointment. In those cases, we will still cover the cost of the spay or neuter. If you did not have an appointment to have to your pet neutered through us prior to the pandemic and are a resident of Kalamazoo or Van Buren County, and you need financial assistance for the surgery call us at 269/808-0064 for information about our spay/neuter programs.


Bake Sale at Pet Supplies Plus on South Westnedge

Saturday, June 19, 9am-3pm

We need lots of bakers and buyers for this event. If you can bake for this sale please put your items on paper plates and cover them with a clear plastic bag. Items that are covered with colored plastic wrap or foil generally don’t sell. It is also helpful if you indicate what the item is and whether or not it has nuts in it due to food allergies. 

Barn Homes Needed

Our dedicated trappers often find themselves in situations where it is not safe to return a cat or cats to their trapping locations. This creates a desperate need for barn homes. These cats can range from friendly and able to be handled to truly feral. Cats are all spayed and neutered, ear tipped and rabies vaccinated. Depending on the trapper, they are
often flea treated, dewormed and further vaccinated too. These cats aren’t just for barns, they make great shop cats,are wonderful for businesses, warehouses, greenhouses and more! Please call Marcie at (269) 655-1813.


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cats and dogs were spayed or neutered in 2020, thanks to our donors and volunteers!


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